Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour is possibly the most powerful tool to help people understand what it’s like to live with dementia.


The Virtual Dementia Tour is created and patented by PK Beville, PhD. All proceeds are donated to Second Wind Dreams, a non-profit devoted to lifting the dignity of our elderly.

Spend 8 minutes living with dementia

During the Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT) participants will have the opportunity to see for themselves what the world looks like and hear for themselves what the world sounds like when cognitive decline is present. Participants will experience the challenges created by dementia as they attempt to complete everyday tasks with the same physical and cognitive challenges as a person with dementia.

Following this immersive experience is a debriefing session designed to facilitate participant connections between the 8-minute experience and the way that dementia’s symptoms show up for the person in their care.

The whole experience lasts just 30 – 40 minutes. But the impact is HUGE.

Understanding and empathy

The Virtual Dementia Tour is the most powerful tool available to foster understanding and empathy for anyone in the realm of a person living with dementia. When caregivers can see for themselves what their loved one is trying to overcome, it changes their orientation and approach to caregiving.

Host the Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour is perfect for assisted living facilities, churches, businesses that serve seniors, and families affected by dementia. Support your stakeholders by providing this valuable, practical, immersive experience. In many circumstances, the VDT event is offered free of charge.

Cloud Conrad shares reasons why you might want to host the Virtual Dementia Tour.

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