the dementia caregiver journey

with confidence and competence.

Take this self-paced manual with you:
The Dementia Field Guide

Family Caregivers

Primary caregivers are usually family members. Your relationship is changing and you need knowledge and skills to take on a new role…

Assisted Living Directors

Assisted living facility directors can support staff, resident families and prospective families with custom-branded programs that reinforce…

Private Duty Aides

Building dementia skills helps private caregivers improve engagement with those in your care and strengthen bonds with client families…


Awareness is essential for dementia conversations. These free assessments create awareness.

Boomer Surge

Boomers are the largest U.S. population group. As they age, dementia cases will surge.

Caregiver Compass

Compasses help caregivers maintain their bearings to go the distance.

About Me

The value I uniquely bring to dementia caregiver traning and mentoring is in my years of experience in corporate training, creative problem solving and primary caregiving ….

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