At last! A practical resource for dementia caregivers!

The Dementia Field Guide is a smart, practical, portable dementia caregiver manual designed to provide you the information you need to problem-solve dementia in your role as dementia caregiver. Dementia manifests differently in each individual. This is why most self-help material for dementia caregivers is too generic to be actionable.

But The Dementia Field Guide is different. The knowledge, skill, and emotional support within these 250 pages will give dementia caregivers the tools you need to address and resolve your own situations confidently and competently. As with the “teach a man to fish” model, you will become self-sufficient as a dementia caregiver. (Except you still really should join a support group.)


The information in this caregiver manual is game-changing

  • Learn how cognitive functions change with age normally
  • Learn how dementia affects cognitive function over time
  • Assess whether and to what extent cognitive impairment may be present in a loved one
  • Prepare for a difficult conversation about dementia using guided prompts
  • Why a proactive approach is essential
  • Plan what dementia caregiving will look like for your family
  • Assess your self-care and well-being as a caregiver in six critical areas
  • Create action plans to address any necessary improvements to self-care

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Early praise for “The Dementia Field Guide”

“Conrad has done a wonderful job of compiling a practical guide for dementia caregivers, helping them break down the overwhelming job with process and task suggestions to be successful in their approach. I particularly appreciate the anatomic focus (it is the foundation of our Caregiver College) which helps caregivers understand why they are seeing the changes in their loved one as well as develop empathy. The section on Self-Care for Caregivers is so important as well.

– Margaret Noel, MD, Founder, Memory Care, The SECU Center for MemoryCare

The Dementia Field Guide is full of helpful and wide-ranging information for anyone supporting an individual living with moderate to advanced symptoms of dementia. The spiral bind and layout make it an easy-to-use resource.”

Karen Love, Founder and Executive Director, Dementia Action Alliance

“Conrad has packed so much into The Dementia Field Guide! It’s really an easy resource book. How she laid it out, and the spiral bind, was a very wise move in terms of how it can be utilized by others.”

Lori La Bey, Founder, Alzheimer’s Speaks

“Mind-blowing!  I literally could not stop reading this guide.  The Dementia Field Guide provides practical, valuable information and guidance in an easy, flowing must-read.  This amazing resource for dementia caregivers delivers valuable tools to help you not only understand dementia, but also learn about the care you can provide your loved one.  As a Certified Dementia Professional, I highly recommend this outstanding perspective on dementia.”   

Toni Fisk, CMDCP, CDP, CDM CFPP, President, DinnerWEARhc, Inc

At 250 pages it’s packed with information, diagrams, worksheets and self-assessments to complete on the dementia caregiver’s schedule. The Dementia Field Guide supplies the knowledge, tips and techniques to help dementia caregivers navigate their journey with confidence and competence. Read more…

Purchase The Dementia Field Guide on Amazon

To preview some of Conrad’s unique concepts in dementia caregiving, sample 3 excerpts of a “virtual book tour” podcast with Alzheimer’s Speaks founder Lori La Bey.