The Dementia Field Guide – to Navigate the Caregiver’s Journey


The Dementia Field Guide is a practical caregiver manual and a trusted companion for dementia caregivers, providing knowledge, skill, and emotional support to help them navigate the caregiver journey with confidence and competence. It’s a self-paced guide that includes text, diagrams, worksheets, and self-assessments. The Dementia Field Guide is packed with information, yet compact enough to take along in your purse or backpack.


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Chapter Page
1 Dementia: An Overview 6
2 Cognitive Function & the Signals of Decline 16
3 Gauging Cognitive Health 46
4 The Dementia Caregiver Compass 58
5 The Conversation 70
6 Self-Care for Caregivers 84
7 Navigating Dementia 112
8 Why Symptoms Escalate 130
9 The Compass Response Template 142
10 Applying the Compass Response Template 156
11 Resources & Support 194
APPENDIX A: The Wheel of Cognitive Function and Decline i
APPENDIX B: Signals of Cognitive Decline Assessment iii
APPENDIX C: Caregiver Self-Care and Well-Being Assessment xv

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