Why did I come up here?

It happened again last night. I went upstairs during a TV commercial to get something from my bedroom, but when I reached my bedroom door, I couldn’t remember what I’d come all the way up there for. I scanned the room. Maybe I would see the thing I meant to retrieve. Once, twice I combed …


The Dementia Caregiver Compass, Explained

Caregivers have the best intentions at heart. We all want to savor those parts of the relationship with our loved one that we’ve known for decades. But when a loved one has dementia, the disease interferes more and more often, hiding the person we remember. It can be so frustrating to …


New Approach for Caregivers

The resource helps family members and medical professionals better understand the disease and how to anticipate and address the needs of those living with dementia. New Street Compass, which provides mentoring to caregivers, announces the release of The Dementia Field Guide, a resource for those caring for people with dementia. Author and New Street Compass …


5 Basics of communication for dementia in the early stages

Use this time – when the person living with dementia has the greatest mental capacity for communication they will ever have again – to hone your approach and skills in communication as a dementia caregiver.

Boomer Surge in Dementia

Dementia will impact 1 in 2 families by 2035. When I educate people about Alzheimer’s and dementia, one of the first things I share is the prediction that dementia will impact 1 in 2 families in just fifteen years, with the increasing prevalence these diseases have in the US. And when I say this, people …


The right way to introduce yourself

As a family member, a care giver or a home service provider you want the people you help to be comfortable, not anxious, in your presence. To be perceived as a threat, on any level, does not serve anyone. How do we get off on the right foot?

Network-of-Complicity-Dementia Signs-We-Missed

The Network of Complicity

It’s not that my sisters and I didn’t know something was up. But we mistook what we saw for something else. To some degree we did this willingly, but certainly out of ignorance. That Dad appeared functional, if quirky, validated our choice for denial. He managed, well into the middles stages of Alzheimer’s, with the assistance of what I call his “network of complicity”.


Yes, and…

As with saying, “I do”, these two little words create a powerful bond between people. But unlike the wedding words, the simple phrase “Yes, and” does not initiate an obligation. What it sets in motion is a relationship of acceptance, which changes the chemistry between people from contracted to collaborative, cooperative and co-creative. If you…


One-on-one mentoring, or online course – which is right for me?

Use these seven criteria to choose the best coaching option for you. With each passing day digital technology makes it easier for personal and professional coaches to connect with people who seek coaching for help in navigating the major life changes and formative moments that call for their best selves. Digital technology has also given …

Intelligence Styles – the masters in your midst

Janice was a work friend – we often went to lunch together and debriefed about recent meetings. We saw eye to eye on many management concerns in our company. We would take our spouses on “double dates” a few times a year, trade recipes and exchange gifts during the holidays outside of the company Secret …


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