When Professional Help Is Needed

The best answer to that question is it depends. You must first evaluate the overall situation. Where should an aging senior live? There are many factors that you should look at to make an informed choice. Let’s explore the options for yourself or a loved one.


Holiday gift ideas: What to give a person with dementia?

My caregiving clients have been asking, What should I give my loved one as a holiday gift? You might be wondering the same thing. Here are some guidelines, some idea sparks, and some examples to help you make informed choices for a loved one with dementia as you make your gift list this year.


Dementia-friendly decorating

For a person with dementia, the visual stimulus of the holidays can be too much. Overstimulation can cause disorientation, confusion, and agitation…especially as the day wears on. Here are some decorating suggestions to help keep everyone’s spirits bright and calm throughout this holiday season.


Like a scratched record

Repetitive reminiscences are usually a sign of dementia. When a loved one tells you the same stories over and over, it can try your patience like a scratched record. But once dementia caregivers understand WHY people with dementia do this, it becomes easier to manage.


Boundary setting: The mother-in-law suite

For family caregivers, their relationship to the person with dementia will be forever changing and forever changed by dementia. Although it may be hard to break the old patterns, they often don’t work anymore.


Why did I come up here?

It happened again last night. I went upstairs during a TV commercial to get something from my bedroom, but when I reached my bedroom door, I couldn’t remember what I’d come all the way up there for. I scanned the room. Maybe I would see the thing I meant to retrieve. Once, twice I combed …


The Dementia Caregiver Compass, Explained

Caregivers have the best intentions at heart. We all want to savor those parts of the relationship with our loved one that we’ve known for decades. But when a loved one has dementia, the disease interferes more and more often, hiding the person we remember. It can be so frustrating to …


New Approach for Caregivers

The resource helps family members and medical professionals better understand the disease and how to anticipate and address the needs of those living with dementia. New Street Compass, which provides mentoring to caregivers, announces the release of The Dementia Field Guide, a resource for those caring for people with dementia. Author and New Street Compass …


5 Basics of communication for dementia in the early stages

Use this time – when the person living with dementia has the greatest mental capacity for communication they will ever have again – to hone your approach and skills in communication as a dementia caregiver.

Boomer Surge in Dementia

Dementia will impact 1 in 2 families by 2035. When I educate people about Alzheimer’s and dementia, one of the first things I share is the prediction that dementia will impact 1 in 2 families in just fifteen years, with the increasing prevalence these diseases have in the US. And when I say this, people …


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