Assisted Living Directors

Assisted living facility directors can support staff, resident families and prospective families with custom-branded programs that reinforce the characteristics which distinguish assisted living and memory care brands.

Support resident families.

When families have confidence in their knowledge and skill they enjoy visits to their loved one much more. The more competent family caregivers are, the more likely they are to visit assisted living facilities that care for their relative. The more visitors, the more vibrant and nurturing the community.

Assisted living marketing directors can strengthen bonds with family members by supporting them with custom branded training experiences and learning materials, whether online or in person.

Support paid caregivers.

Unique skills are required when caring for residents who are cognitively impaired. Knowledge about the changes dementia causes to memory, thoughts and feelings is necessary to providing skilled care while maintaining thewell-being of the person with dementia.

Assisted living staff directors can uplevel caregiver performance quality with gold standard dementia caregiver training that may be co-branded to boost employee engagement. Dementia caregiver staff training sessions repeat monthly, to educate up to 20 new hires. Fees are paid based on the number of classes NOT the number of students. This flat fee structure allows you to invest in your employees’ advancement affordably.

Community Outreach

A competitive landscape in the assisted living facility industry requires successful brands build top of mind awareness with the general population, before families seek resident care solutions and before workers apply for new jobs. Providing information and knowledge about dementia and dementia caregivers builds public awareness. Educational sessions and training workshops for members of the local community is a powerful way to position your brand as the superior choice.