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If you sell or rent medical supplies and equipment, it’s a safe bet that a sizeable portion of your customer base is now, or soon will be, caring for a family member living with dementia. That’s because age is the number one risk factor for dementia and most dementia caregivers are family members (Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures, 2020).

Dementia caregivers need dementia-specific answers. They need essential knowledge, skills. and emotional support. You can provide them!

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Home Medical Equipment News Subscribers can join our retail partner program and receive marketing support to help you sell copies of “The Dementia Field Guide” – all available with the purchase of 10 copies to get started.

Retail partners will receive:

  • 10 % discount on 10 or more copies (for 20 or more copies, contact us directly)
  • Point-of-sale display and 25 free bookmarks to distribute as you like
  • Social media post template including artwork and text (feel free to edit)
  • Guest contribution to your newsletter, a 500 – 700 word article
  • Option to host a co-branded online Dementia Lunch-and-Learn/Virtual Book Signing event, at no additional cost


“The Dementia Field Guide” is full of helpful and wide-ranging information for anyone supporting an individual living with moderate to advanced symptoms of dementia. The spiral bind and layout make it an easy-to-use resource.”

Karen Love, Founder and Executive Director, Dementia Action Alliance.

“Conrad has done a wonderful job of compiling a practical guide for dementia caregivers, helping them break down the overwhelming job with process and task suggestions to be successful in their approach. I particularly appreciate the anatomic focus (it is the foundation of our Caregiver College) which helps caregivers understand why they are seeing the changes in their loved one as well as develop empathy. The section on Self-Care for Caregivers is so important as well.”

Margaret Noel, MD, Founder, Memory Care, The SECU Center for MemoryCare

To participate, APPLY THIS CODE to your purchase of at least 10 copies of The Dementia Field Guide :


You will not need to create an account to participate in the Partner Program. By applying the above code, you automatically initiate your Partner status.

We will contact you within 24 business hours to coordinate the marketing elements of your retail partnership with New Street Compass. All listed items are included with your bulk purchase of 10 or more copies of “The Dementia Field Guide”.

For purchases of 20 or more copies, please contact us for arrangements prior to your purchase (it will save you shipping $$ and we can collaborate about additional value-adds for your program).