Are you worried about about changes you’ve noticed in someone special to you – a spouse, parent, sibling or friend, and whether they are true “senior moments” that naturally come with age?


Are you certain that a form of dementia has taken hold, but uncertain about how to handle the changes that you see and the situations those changes create?

New Street Compass Offers Online Learning

We’re opening enrollment for our Spring 2023 online classes, available to anyone wanting to learn more about dementia. The curriculum builds on and expands conceptual and practical material introduced in The Dementia Field Guide. Whether you are a family member, professional home health aide or health care personnel in an assisted living or memory care home, one of these courses may be the key to unlock the mysteries of dementia for you.

Live courses, limited to 10 participants

These courses are live, with a fixed number of participants learning and engaging as a group. Each course also includes a private mentoring session with Cloud Conrad, to better individualize the information to each participant. Participants will have one full year of access to the class recordings – so if you are on vacation for one of the sessions, you won’t have to miss a thing.

Which course is right for me?

Do you say things to yourself like…

“Something’s up but I’m not sure what it is”…. OR… “There’s clearly a problem but I don’t know how to bring it up”…OR…”The signals I notice are not consistent – some days are fine. Should I worry?”

This class might be for you:

Or are the words you use more like…

” A lot of the time I don’t know what to do – nothing I try seems to help”…OR…”This disease is really taking a toll on our family”…OR…”My patience is so thin, I’m afraid I will lash out.”

This class might be for you:

Here what others have to say…

Recent course participants give praise for Conrad’s knowledge, course material and learning experience.

Conrad delivers information to learners in “It IS Dementia, Now What?”

Student testimonials

“Cloud made a complex subject easy to grasp.” – Robert M.

“Trainer was excellent!” – Sharon S.

“Excellent training! Very helpful!” – Stacia C.

“I enjoyed Cloud. She was well prepared.” – M. Sims

“Cloud did a great job! Lots of labs were great.” – S. Bowden

“You brought a lot of comedy to a subject that is really sad. I really enjoyed this training.” – Elizabeth H.