Dignity, intention, and reverence for life should be part of all transformations from this life into the next realm. End of life doula service is a powerful way to ensure that these ideals can be fulfilled in the dying process.

Hiring an end of life doula is an important step in assisting yourself or a loved one as you prepare to celebrate life, legacy, and love in the end-of-life stage. End of life doulas work with the aging and ill to help them bring closure to relationships, prepare their legacy for survivors, plan their vigil, and create their memorial service.

End of life doulas do not replace members of the medical team, hospice workers, family caregivers, or members of the clergy. End of life doulas work with each of these providers to facilitate an exploration of the dying person’s wishes surrounding death and to help make them a reality.

End of life doula service is customized for each person and circumstance. Consultation is encouraged before selecting an end of life doula to make sure that the doula’s credentials and the interpersonal chemistry between doula and client creates the right match.

End of life doulas typically work in teams, with one single point of contact who is the “lead” doula.

Please reach out to me by phone or email to start a conversation about your needs and what is possible for the end stages of life.

Cloud Conrad